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Both I and my daughter have taken piano lessons with Elena for many years and she is an extraordinary piano teacher, certainly the best I've encountered. She understands piano technique deeply (and can teach it to beginning and advanced students) but never pursues it for its own sake. Rather, she is always concerned with the integrity of the music and students' ability to be musical and creative in their interpretations. She is passionately dedicated to her students' success as well as sensitive to their needs, capable of being encouraging and supportive as well as strict when it is required. She also has a wide knowledge of the piano repertoire, both as regards well known works and more obscure pieces that are a joy to discover and hear. Most of all, she teaches students to play musically, with a deep understanding of music's poetry and passion.

Geoff Maturen

Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor is quite fortunate to have a music teacher as gifted as Elena is. She inspires excellent practice habits and musical sensitivity in her students.

Philip Robinson

Ithaca, NY

Elena is a gifted teacher who has a patience to work with kids of all ages, even small. My daughter always loved her choice of music. This teacher gave her excellent piano skills for life. Highly recommend!.

Olga Malysheva

Ann Arbor, MI

An effective teacher who can improve your skill in piano and have you playing amazing pieces by a large variety of composers.


Ann Arbor, MI

My daughter Michelle began to take piano lessons with Elena since last September. Back then, my daughter still has difficulty in English listening and speaking. But Elena is such a patient and experienced teacher that she can always think of effective way to convey the meaning and make it comprehensible to my daughter. My daughter used to play piano very mechanically, but after couple of months, she began to play musically. Elena's professionalism, dedication and passion changed my daughter's understanding of music and piano playing, and help her develop a genuine love for music and playing piano. As a parent, I'm so grateful that we could learn piano and music with such an extraordinary teacher! I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Elena to anyone who what their kids to learn piano and music!!

Ping Song

Ann Arbor, MI

Elena is a very professional and passionate music teacher. My daughter started to take voice lessons with her a year ago when she was 4 years old and now she is ready to start piano lessons as well!

Eve Mangin

Ann Arbor, MI

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