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Elena Matveeva

Elena has over 30 years of experience teaching piano and voice to students of all ages and levels.

Elena have been drawn to music since a very early age, starting with singing at age 2. Three years later she was admitted to the St Petersburg Lyceum of Music and Art where she graduated with honors at age 14. During this time Elena traveled around Europe to perform at Music Festivals as member of the Lyceum Chamber Vocal Ensemble. Since age 7 she has also performed at several concerts (piano and voice) in St Petersburg and surroundings.

At age 15 Elena was admitted to the St Petersburg University of Music and Music Education, where she earned a Master degree in Piano Pedagogy and Music Education. During this time she has studied piano with concert pianist Vadim Palmov, a student of Nathan Perelman.

Since her move to the United States in 2002, she has studied and collaborated with Faina Bryanskaya (Perelman's student), an internationally-acclaimed pedagogue and author of numerous best-selling books in English and Russian.

Elena is familiar with several teaching methods and systems (Russian school, Beethoven method, etc.) and combines them to create a personalized approach to better suit students needs and skills. Elena works with different musical styles ranging from classical to jazz and contemporary.  Her students have the opportunity to play twice a year at recitals and to participate to music competitions.

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