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Music education for adults (19 - 100 y/o)

Playing piano as an adult is a good way to relieve stress – listening to music is a good stress reliever, so playing it works even better.

As an adult you are much more knowledgeable about your own moods, so it is easier to use music as a way to express yourself.

Advantages of playing piano as an adult

  • Adults are more motivated than kids, they learn of their own volition.

  • Adults have highly developed logical and critical thinking skills.

  • Adults can learn complex concepts and understand technical explanations much more easily. This makes it possible for adults to learn music theory and analysis far more easily than children do.

  • Adults have developed attention spans.

  • Adults are able to read fluently

​I have met too many people who consider themselves too old to start learning an instrument. But this just isn't true. After all, our brain is capable of learning new things at any point in our life (it is called "brain plasticity").

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