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Music education for children (6+)

Children piano lessons in Ann Arbor


Students are offered a solid foundation of piano playing, musical theory, and performing strategies

During the first year of education I work a lot with hands position.

The careful selection of music material helps students to keep interest and improve skills consistently.

I like to use singing during the work with piano scores , it helps to figure out the dynamics in a very natural way

Psychological training to help coping with stress before and during performances.

Concerts opportunities

Concerts are organized twice a year. Some concerts are designed around a theme, such as

  • Jazz

  • Water and Music

  • Piano music of Romantic period

  • Impressionism in Music

  • Art & Music


  • Kerry town concert house

  • Faber piano Institute

  • King's keyboard house

  • Steinway piano gallery

Duets playing

Duets playing is a regular feature during lessons. Ensemble playing fosters rhythmic continuity, while developing sight reading and listening skills. Also it encourage kids to practice more and have more interactions with other students

Recommended practicing time

  • Elementary school age    15-30 min

  • Middle school age             30 – 45 min

  • Hight school age                45- 90 min


Parental help can take the form of reading lesson notes, organizing practice time wisely, providing encouragement through difficult sections or situations, and seeking out answers for “I’m stuck on this” problems. Your help at home will make a substantial difference in your children’s progress.

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