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Preschool music education for kids 4-6 y/o in small groups

For children who exhibit an interest in music but who are not yet mature enough for private lessons

The children will learn the basic skills needed to start playing any musical instrument

Preschool music lessons | Preschoolers music lessons

The lessons entail games and activities

designed to teach children about :

-  pitch

-  rhythm

-  musical notes

-  music appreciation,

-  and even composing !!!

Children will also learn songs from around the World.

Lessons are fun and frustration free for the children and the parents!


Group music lessons give preschoolers an opportunity to play with music, to have a stress-free and enjoyable introduction into the world of music making, and to acquire skills that the children will be able to apply to instrumental study – when they are ready for it!


Group music lessons consists of age-appropriate activities that preschoolers can handle and will enjoy.


Group lessons are fun because they involve play with other children. Small children take cues from each other, and learn by playing and engaging directly with material that interests them.


Group music classes create a quality educational family interaction (parental attendance and participation is welcome!)

Preschoolers music education
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